Fire PlaceWhile the onset of chilly winter weather may limit your outdoor leisure time, you can ward off the cold with a cozy fire pit. Even when the sun dips below the horizon on a long summer day, you can warm up with friends and family around your outdoor fire pit. With a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, fire pits are a great entertaining piece for any backyard. 

While shopping around for a pit, you will run into the following designs:
• Braziers: A smaller design, braziers date back to ancient times when they were used to provide heat, brighten outdoor areas and cook food. Try placing several small braziers around your outdoor area for an unique effect.
• Portable: Portable styles are typically made of metal or ceramic and usually feature legs and wheels. They make it easy to move your main source of heat and light wherever the party goes.
• Table: Your guests can enjoy their food and drinks along with the flames thanks to a smart design that allows you to place items on the tabletop surface surrounding the flames.
• Bowl: This design takes on the form of a large bowl supported by a stand. Yours may even be able to use a gel fuel, which tends to be alcohol-based and burns clean.
• Pit: The most common style, fire pits can be dug into the ground or be made from a ring of brick, stone or metal that sits on the ground. The ring around the pit prevents flames from spreading. 

Fire Pit

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